New Watchband Factory in Detroit - Made in USA Redefined
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New Watchband Factory in Detroit - Made in USA Redefined

Braloba successfully opened a brand new factory in the former design and
development building of Ford Motors in partnership with Shinola.

We believe quality leather goods can be Made in USA. That’s why we’ve built a leather factory just down the hall from Shinola's watch factory on the fifth floor of the Argonaut building in Detroit.

Watch strap production has already begun under the leadership of Braloba — a Swiss family-owned and -run business that has been making leather goods for two generations. All the leather working equipment is the first of its kind, having been custom-designed and built by Galli S.P.A. — a leading Italian leather goods-machine company.

Shinola’s in-house leather division has also begun designing and developing a wide range of fashion and tech accessories — everything from backpacks and leather iPhone cases, to handbags and more. Once watch strap production gets perfected, we’ll begin making these items here in Detroit as well.
But one of the most important things the Shinola leather factory will produce is jobs. Launching with a team of around 50 leather makers.

For generations, the automotive industry has produced many talented and skilled craftspeople, including leather makers who have made everything from steering wheels to seats and headrests. We’re proud to tap into Detroit’s long history of manufacturing, as we believe there’s much more to come.

Braloba is proud of the new factory in the USA and will produce high quality watch bands and small leather goods, strictly Made in USA. If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer and vendor of watchbands and watchstraps, enquire now.

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