Rubber & Silicone production line for watchstraps
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Rubber & Silicone production line for watchstraps

A diversification to intensify the relationship with our long-term customers

Switzerland, September 1, 2018: Braloba, your Swiss manufacturer for high quality leather watch straps and small leather goods with its fully owned production locations in Switzerland, China & Thailand has successfully implemented a new production line for high quality rubber and silicone watch straps.

The reason of this product expansion is to serve its current clientele, besides of its well know high quality leather watchstraps, also with additional watchstraps of non leather and being able to increase and intensify the partnership with its key accounts.

"This is a very positive additional pillar for our group to balance the risk of offering only leather watch straps. It will help us to intensify the partnership with our long term customers and offering them all watch strap needs out of one, full Swiss and privately owned, factory.” says Thomas Schori, Co-Owner and Managing Director of Braloba Group.

The new product diversification has been successfully implemented in last 6 month and Braloba can cover with its brand new production line for silicone and rubber watchstraps in NBR and FKM a capacity of 1500,000 pcs/month. The production line also allows an extension to a max capacity of 500,000 pcs/month upon customer request.

In terms of quality makes Braloba no compromises. Only the best rubber and silicone raw materials from industrial leaders have been sourced. Also the new team of rubber- and silicone artisans has a long experience and deep knowledge in producing complex rubber watchstraps with integrated ABS or steel end pieces. Further the special knowledge of bonding rubber/silicone with genuine leather using only 100% water based glue gives Braloba a clear market advantage.

In terms of customer investment into a new collection, Braloba has developed with its tooling partner a special tooling concept which allows the brand to reduce the tooling cost by more than 60% compared to current market rate. This will allow the watch brand to reduce costs and react faster to the market needs.

The cycle for a new product development based on received customer 2D or 3D designs is set at 4 weeks for new tooling and 6-8 weeks for mass production.

For further information about the silicone and rubber production line, please contact your local Braloba contact as follows:

Switzerland (French): Cécile Magnin –
Switzerland (German): Beat Bähler –
Hong Kong/China: Jason Ho –
Webster Kan – 

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