Our Supply Chain/

Improving Environmental Stewardship

Braloba is a member of Leather Working Group and with this effort we set a sign for a more sustainable and environmental friendly material sourcing by concentrating our purchase efforts to LWG audited tanneries. Join our movement work hand in hand for the global goals. 

Our Planet/

Because we care

We believe in the power of innovation to minimize our environmental footprint and ever-improve our practices. By putting our best ideas forward, we can waste less yet deliver so much more. We’re working to design our products and components with the future in mind. And we’re striving to invite our customers into the process, through honest conversations and supply chain transparency. All in an effort to leave the world better than we found it.

Our People/

Our most important asset

Our people have the passion for taking care of other people. We focus on our employees, our customers and people in our appreciated supply chain. We motivate each individual to increase his or her opportunities by collaboration, understanding and fairness.