Vendor & Supplier of High Quality Watch Straps and Bands
We make watch straps/

By hand. In China, Thailand & Detroit USA.

While understanding our customer's brand position and its market, our engineers and artisans create and manufacture in 4 countries a full customer oriented product and strictly respecting the requested quality, time and price needs.

At Braloba we do not subcontract or outsource any production activities. All products such as leather & textile watch straps, rubber & silicon bands including all jewelery leather straps and small leather goods are produced under full control at Braloba's fully owned facilities.

It is simple; We don't just sell watch straps, we sells projects with the will and the understanding to create the best possible product for each brand.

We provide quality/

in both products and service.

Braloba follows with its high quality standards strictly the increasing demand of its partners.

Supported by authorized ISO 9001:2015, BSCI (Business Social Compliance) and GQS (German Quality Supplier) standards, Braloba follows a clear stated quality mission and supports each individual customer with its own technical and creative design team from in-house hand sketch and CAD drawings up to technical and functional support.